Steve Passaly rBeatz Interview Podcast 2023

Meet Steve Passaly - @cadfood

Lifetime rocker and writer shares his journey through multiple bands and writing projects.

RBTZTV EP018 The Intersection of Mental Health and AI

The Intersection of Mental Health & AI

Can artificial intelligence play a role in the mental health care?
– North Carolina Crisis Hotline (855)587-3463
– National Mental Health Hotline (866)903-3787, it is free and confidential 24hrs per day
– Crisis Text Line- text 741741 and text the word home
– Veteran’s Crisis Hotline – (988) Press 1

LocalMusicSomewhere EKLY album release Pt 1

#LocalMusicSomewhere - EKLY album release

EKLY – A 17 year old musician, producer – Hockey Player – Discusses his 2nd full album “Everything & More” – A multitude of Mixed Genres come together for EKLY🎶 Terry Hudson – Industry Coach & Author talk with Jessica Drake Mosher Musician – Artist – Host of #LocalMusicSomewhere & discuss the narrative.
#newmusic #music #motivation #mustwatch #mustlisten

Kurma Murrain on The Arts AI and Her Work at the Mint Museum

Kurma Murrain on The Arts, AI, and Her Work at the Mint Museum

Kurma Murrain is the Community Programs Coordinator & Poet in Residence at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also the first Latino Queen Charlotte. In this interview with rBeatzRadio OuiTalkRaw podcast host, John Casson, Kurma discusses her poetry and the arts, her experiences as a Latino woman in the arts community, AI in the Arts, and her work at the Mint Museum.

Podcast race car AI Brad Smith

Why the race car world isn't embracing AI yet

AI is changing the race car world or is it? Join on the OuiTalkRaw Radio Show with host John Casson and guest, Brad Smith, owner of Velocità Premium Motorsports Apparel, as they weigh the merits of AI in today’s world.

Catch this live interview here

DJ World Beatz Raven’s Story of a Modern Day Musician

DJ World Beatz Raven’s Story of a Modern Day Musician

🔥🚒 Are you a  musician trying to make ends meet in 2023?
Here is Raven’s Story—a modern-day independent musician Learning how to overcome an artist’s struggles. Here is how she is doing it, and you can too.

RBTZTV EP013 Oui Talk Raw AI in the job force

OuiTalkRaw: AI in the job force

OuiTalkRaw in the rBeatz Radio studio about AI and how it may or may not affect our jobs. Have you considered impacts in your industry? Here’s our take.

RBTZTV EP012 Loopholes Credit Episode

Loopholes: Credit Episode

Learn how a simple man strikes it rich when he beats the banks at their own game.

RBTZTV EP011 Hot Bot Talk Continued Restaurant Edition

Hot Bot Talk Continued: Restaurant Edition

Wall-E as waitstaff? rBeatz discusses on OuiTalkRaw the Yiding restaurant: hot bot dining in Pineville, NC.

RBTZTV EP010 Hot Bot Talk The new universal language

Hot Bot Talk: The new universal language.

No limits here at the clubhouse when media professionals, musicians and creative minds get together in the studio. An hour of current Hot Bot Talk & more.

RBTZTV EP009 Heartstrings and Algorithms

Heartstrings & Algorithms: Can a Chatbot be sentient?



RBTZTV EP008 CSB media landscape

How will AI change the landscape of the broadcasting & media industry?

We caught up with the President of the nation’s oldest and largest chain of broadcasting schools to get his take on how the future of AI could change the media landscape.
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Imposters among US. REALLY?
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#rChatBotPodcast & #OuiTalkRaw discuss How, What, Why!

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Michael Reddington rBeatz Podcast

Been Fooled? How do you Catch a LIAR⁉️ With Michael Reddington, Forensic Interviewer.

🐍🤥 How To Catch a Liar – Listen Better – Learn More Learn how to catch a person in the Truth‼️ All while they are wallowing in their lies‼️ Check Out Michael Reddington book “The Disciplined Listening Method”

RBTZTV EP004 George Washington III 1

We asked a professional voice actor how to break into the business. With George Washington III.

We asked a professional voice actor how to break into the business. His answer was surprisingly not what we expected.

RBTZTV EP003 Arik Ancelin 1

A young man faced with challenges, Becomes a Pop Star! With Arik Ancelin

A young man with a disability is accused of being a white supremacist.
RBTZTV EP002 Bill Crowder 1

Our area has a coyote problem. We asked an expert (Bill Crowder-Coyote Hunter)! What we should do about it.

Does your area have a coyote problem? Ours does & we asked an expert what we should do about it.

RBTZTV EP001 Steve Zaley 1

A man finds peace writing a wartime book based on his fathers experiences. With Steve Zaley.

This author spent 20 years writing his book about war so he could find peace.